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Sonoma Coast Chardonnay

Classic and Seamless

Pair With:


Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

Bright and Silky

Pair with:



Monterey Rosé

Refreshing and Crisp

Pair with:



Monterey Chardonnay

Exotic and Juicy

Pair with:



Monterey Pinot Noir

Deep and Earthy

Pair with:



Monterey Pinot Gris

Fruity and bright

Pair with:


Serving Tips

  1. When hosting a gathering, provide two ounces of cheese per person
  2. Cheese should be served at room temperature to avoid muting the flavor and texture
  3. Offer a variety of texture and cheese from different animal sources to keep it exciting
  4. Label the cheeses—get creative and write your own or recycle the store label
  5. Vary the accompaniments – fresh and dried fruit, nuts, honey – to stimulate your palate as well as your eyes
  6. Serve both fresh bread and crackers for texture variety