Sparkling Brut Rosé

Russian River Valley

Russian River Valley Sparkling Brut Rosé

Sincere. Delicate. Nuanced.
This sparkling wine was produced in the Méthode Traditionnelle technique with fruit sourced from our exquisite Saralee’s Vineyard.

F06E381D-474A-49F8-A511-65344C6CFDFE F06E381D-474A-49F8-A511-65344C6CFDFE

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Pinot Noir

2018 40th Anniversary

2018 40th Anniversary Pinot Noir

Bold. Complex. Elegant.
In celebration of four decades of winemaking excellence, this wine is a collaboration between La Crema’s founding winemaker, Rod Berglund, and La Crema’s winemaker, Jen Walsh.

5442E651-3559-423B-A053-669EDAC6BE9D 5442E651-3559-423B-A053-669EDAC6BE9D

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2017 Arroyo Seco

2017 Arroyo Seco Chardonnay

Bright. Crisp. Exotic.
A triad of citrus, toasty warmth, and balanced minerality, classic to Monterey.

AD4B1B55-4EE2-47D2-928C-3167DD262A91 AD4B1B55-4EE2-47D2-928C-3167DD262A91

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Pinot Noir

2016 Green Valley

2016 Green Valley Pinot Noir

Rich. Complex. Nuanced.
A pocket of Russian River Valley, Green Valley remains the coolest, producing fruit with firm structure and natural balance.

ED142989-7FBA-48DE-8A40-EFC58C2FB1BA ED142989-7FBA-48DE-8A40-EFC58C2FB1BA

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Pinot Noir

2017 Santa Lucia Highlands

2017 Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir

Meditative. Seductive. Earthy.
Extended time on the vine creates a generous flavor profile of earthy rich flavors.

CE15EB24-19EE-4AA0-9FA0-C2996EC08104 CE15EB24-19EE-4AA0-9FA0-C2996EC08104

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Pinot Noir

2017 Los Carneros

2017 Los Carneros Pinot Noir

Lingering. Exotic. Supple.
Relentless winds produce flavors of high concentration and a plush velvety texture.

61C00C71-F9D2-47F5-95F8-F63ABB7A6DCF 61C00C71-F9D2-47F5-95F8-F63ABB7A6DCF

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2018 Los Carneros

2018 Los Carneros Chardonnay

Juicy. Opulent. Expressive.
A blend of Clones Prosser, 124, 48, Robert Young, and Mt. Eden, all unique and all with their own story to tell.

09ADA9C8-D2D5-4C5B-A502-11678405F207 09ADA9C8-D2D5-4C5B-A502-11678405F207

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Pinot Noir

2018 Sta. Rita Hills

2018 Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir

Dark. Rich. Vibrant.
The cool windy climate in the Sta. Rita Hills allows for an extended growing season while dense vine plantings allow for more concentrated uniform clusters per vine.

A4D9B054-19FD-4EB4-885B-52D17B46D9F9 A4D9B054-19FD-4EB4-885B-52D17B46D9F9

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2019 Russian River Valley

2019 Russian River Valley Chardonnay

Rich. Textured. Refined.
Textured, well-balanced and rich with Russian River character.

92E7CADB-B5B7-42EF-BC2E-55203DF25F1A 92E7CADB-B5B7-42EF-BC2E-55203DF25F1A

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Pinot Noir

2018 Russian River Valley

2018 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

Refined. Rich. Elegant.
Made of fruit from our own backyard, a regional blend of complex flavor profiles that highlight the best of Russian River Valley.

BC21DCAC-0FA8-4924-A121-0F9326AE9236 BC21DCAC-0FA8-4924-A121-0F9326AE9236

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2018 Anderson Valley

2018 Anderson Valley Chardonnay

Fruity. Bright. Elegant.
The honest definition of a cool climate Chardonnay.

5951914C-3A48-4E95-9EA2-CC2220E073A2 5951914C-3A48-4E95-9EA2-CC2220E073A2

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