Welcome to La Crema

Let’s Cheers to “The Best”

La Crema was established in 1979 to showcase exceptional wines from the best cool-climate regions across California and Oregon. Since the beginning, our vision has been to produce artisanal wines with distinct qualities: delicious to drink, uncompromised craftsmanship, and sustainably farmed.  Our home in Sonoma County, California ignited our passion for coastal, single-vineyard sites. We knew the quality the region could offer, so we focused our efforts on exploring new sites and sharing their unique terroirs. Today, Sonoma County is celebrated as a world-class wine region.

We measure La Crema’s success by how many people enjoy our wines and the positive impact we make in our communities. The ethos of La Crema is to never compromise—whether it’s the wines we make, the people we hire, or the issues we support. We’re proud of our industry-leading commitment to sustainable farming practices and uplifting underrepresented voices while honoring their individuality. Our investment in diversity and inclusion efforts continues to grow year over year as we embrace each opportunity to make a real difference. It’s always been about delivering the highest quality experience, inspiring real connections with real people, and pairing it all with a passion for life.  (This is wine after all!)

As we look forward, our vision for La Crema is brighter than ever. We invite you to celebrate The Best of the Vine with us. Cheers!

The Women of La Crema

La Crema’s story begins with its long legacy of respected and dedicated women leading the way. From day one, our chairman and proprietor, Barbara Banke, alongside her husband and industry icon, Jess Jackson, was a driving force behind discovering new vineyard terrains and growing the brand. Today, La Crema is a respected leader and trusted name because of her leadership.

Laura Jackson Giron and Jenny Jackson Hartford, Jess Jackson’s eldest daughters, along with Jenny’s husband, Vice Chairman Don Hartford, also played critical roles in the early years of La Crema. They were instrumental in setting up the winery for long-term success. They built a foundation focused on quality winemaking and sustainability, which are still the core values of La Crema.

Katie Jackson and Julia Jackson, daughters of Barbara and Jess, and Hailey Jackson Hartford Murray, daughter of Jenny and Don, are the next generation to carry forward the family’s connection to the land. Katie and Julia’s ongoing work in environmental stewardship has pushed the wine industry to embrace change, leading the call to action for a greener future. Hailey blends her background in science with her affinity for nature and human connection, paving the way for the next wave of inspired winemakers and new wine enthusiasts.

These women of La Crema have created a legacy that promotes sustainability and inspires discovery for future generations of women and wine lovers.