Our commitment to sustainability

At La Crema Winery, we realize great wine doesn’t have to come at the expense of the environment. Here are a few of the efforts we are making every day to minimize our impact:

Sustainable Winegrowing Practices

  • After meeting the 227 criteria in the program, all of  La Crema’s Estate Vineyards became 3rd-party certified under the Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance’s program.
  • The winery facility itself is also 3rd-party certified under the Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance’s program.

Sustainability in Practice (SIP) Certification

  • All of La Crema’s Estate Vineyards have been 3rd-party certified under the SIP program.

Facility and Equipment

  • All facilities managed by a central computer to manage and monitor the most efficient use of energy. This includes lighting, boilers, and refrigeration systems.
  • Switched to green cleaning agents to eliminate tank rinses.
  • Organic community garden for employees who want to grow their own fruits and vegetables.

Waste Reduction and Management

  • Pomace is composted and applied back to the vineyard or used by 3rd-parties.
  • Environmentally Preferred Purchasing program was developed for office supplies.

Integrated Pest Management
•    Cover crops provide beneficial insect habitat and improve water holding.
•    Leaf pulling reduces disease reducing road dust to control mite populations.
•    Habitat conservation in and around the vineyards provides biodiversity.

Water Conservation and Quality
•    Only drip irrigation is used to conserve water and the energy to pump it.
•    100% of winery water used is recycled for landscaping and vineyard irrigation.

Ecosystem Management
•    Nesting boxes for raptors population to control rodent damage.

Viticulture and Soil Management
•    Plant tissue analysis is conducted to minimize water and fertilizer inputs.
•    Comprehensive and site-specific control measures prevent soil erosion.
•    Vine balance is maintained by shoot selection, crop thinning and green drop.

What steps do you take to reduce your carbon footprint and act in a more sustainable manner?