940FCA55-140D-4344-AB53-027606E1138F 940FCA55-140D-4344-AB53-027606E1138F

$72 for Wine Club Members (join)

Nine Barrel Gift Set

The Ultimate Wine Gift

Nine Barrel Gift Set

A truly unique gift featuring our limited-production Nine Barrel wines.

80144453-EA8B-4008-B771-AAD1E1D03744 80144453-EA8B-4008-B771-AAD1E1D03744

$136.00 for Wine Club Members (join)

Taste of Sonoma Coast

Two Bottle Gift Box

Taste of Sonoma Coast

A pairing of our Sonoma Coast Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in an elegant black gift box.

B9E969A4-B7DF-5EC7-E1D2-804832BAA531 B9E969A4-B7DF-5EC7-E1D2-804832BAA531

$38.40 for Wine Club Members (join)

Taste of Russian River

Two Bottle Gift Set

Taste of Russian River

Rich Russian River Chardonnay and elegant Pinot Noir. A perfect gift choice for wine aficionados.

9BC8C31F-04D2-E554-C532-9D945A9A745E 9BC8C31F-04D2-E554-C532-9D945A9A745E

$60 for Wine Club Members (join)