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Anderson Valley

Rugged and remote, the Anderson Valley is north of the Sonoma County border in Mendocino County, more than a two hour drive from San Francisco. Reached via winding roads that follow the contours of steep and brushy terrain, there’s a feeling here that’s entirely unique.

Unique Topography

Nowhere else in the winegrowing regions of California is there a topography that is quite so self-contained.

The narrow valley runs from Boonville in the south to Navarro in the north, confined by mountains on each site.

Boontling is a local jargon spoken only in Boonville. Today this unusual language is nearly extinct, though in town you may hear someone “harpin’ a slip of the ling.” (Translation: Speaking a bit of Boontling.)

In each range, rocky, mineral-laced soils confer complexity and a beautiful austerity to the wines.

Dense fog is conveyed by the Navarro River directly from the Mendocino Coast

It rolls over the vineyards, offering an extreme contrast between California’s strong sun and the frigid coastal air.

This contrast in temperature leads to small, intensely flavored berries.

In the hills on the east side of the valley, vineyards rise to fairly high elevations, with thin and well-drained soils that impart distinct mineral qualities to the fruit.

We farm on the northern end of the valley, in the shade of the coastal Redwoods where the greatest coastal influence is felt.

Our vineyards are framed by conifers, which lend a wild earthiness to our Anderson Valley wines.

Delicate and silky

with bright citrus and floral notes.

Fresh honeycomb and nutmeg, with hints of sweet spice and golden fruits.

Chardonnay produced in Anderson Valley is available now.

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Velvety and Graceful

with flavors of blueberry and bright red cherry

all layered with notes of violet and aromatic tea.

Pinot Noir produced in Anderson Valley is available now.

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