Winegrowing Regions

Russian River

Visitors to this beautiful region, just 60 miles north of San Francisco, discover Redwood and Douglas fir forests, old bridges spanning the Russian River itself, and vineyards that stretch from the valley floor up onto the benches and slopes of the Coast Range.


The region’s boundaries are defined by fog

The fog keeps temperatures cool in the morning and evening.

As the fog recedes in the afternoon, the vineyards bask in sunlight and heat.

Afternoon Fog

This natural air conditioning means that grapes are ensured enough warmth and sunlight, while giving the grapes a cool down period to rest and recover.


The perk? Amazingly well-balanced wines.

Soils in the Russian River Valley consist primarily of sand and pebbles, which provides the ideal canvas for the cultivation of fine Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Powerful and ripe,
yet crisp

Generous flavors of pear, apples and peaches are balanced with lively acidity and a lovely toasty richness.

Chardonnay produced in Russian River is available now.

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Elegant and refined

with flavors of plush red cherry, and hints of dark chocolate and cola and baking spice.

A recognizably silky texture.

Pinot Noir produced in Russian River is available now.

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