Three Fun Crafts for a Basketball Tournament Party

It’s the middle of March and at my house that means the NCAA Basketball Tournament is upon us. I’ve got three easy crafts that will make anyone the MVP of the season. A quick spin to the craft store is the key…

Basketball Wine Coaster DIY

Every rookie knows you should never dribble your wine. A simple painted cork bottle coaster will be the best defense, just in case…

Great hostess gift for a college basketball tournament party. This DIY coaster and a bottle of La Crema Chardonnay

You will need:

  • Cork Coasters (mine is 6″ in diameter but most craft stores have a variety of sizes)
  • Multi Surface Acrylic Paint in orange and black
  • Paint brushes

Items you'll need to create a basketball

1. Start by painting the coaster.

NCAA tournament party planning: Painted wine coaster DIY.

2. Then add detail in black. Let dry a few hours…

NCAA tournament party planning: Painted wine coaster DIY.

3. And your drips and dribbles will never go out of bounds.

Basketball party inspiration: Wine bottle coaster

When the ball is in your court to decorate the table or bring a hostess gift, candles are always a slam dunk.

A packaged candle perfect for a basketball party gift

Orange votive candles (these are from Ikea but you can find them everywhere)
swish perfectly into paint pen nets…

Easy and Fun Basketball Candle DIY

Draw a series of white Xs around the perimeter of the candle and add the rim in black at the top.

Basketball candle and La Crema Wine

Basketball is the perfect excuse for a new pair of Hoop Earrings…

Hoop it up with this fun earring DIY

A fast break to the jewelry supply aisle for the dream team of ear hoops and orange gems…

Hoop earring DIY items

and it’s official, you are ready for Tourney Time!