Six tips for setting the perfect table

Thank you Oprah, for letting us revert the word OWN, to our tables. Dining tables, that is. Yes, when all arrows are pointing to you, the host, to create a fantastic dining experience, here’s what to do:

You guessed it, make it your OWN! I happen to be in the dinnerware business, so of course, I am passionate about  fabulous dinnerware. But let’s face it, that stuff isn’t always available, or in the budget. So the most important thing one can do to ease the stress and  delight your guests is take a good hard look at what you have, and then, use it!

Mix it up… I encourage you to remove the boundaries, here, folks. Don’t look at what you’ve got the way you always have seen it. You’ll be shocked at what ends up on the table.  And shocked at what beauty comes from removing those boundaries.

Have fun with this. If it’s eccentric, unexpected, and conjures up some emotion for you, it will do the same for your guests. Make them gasp with your unexpectedness!

Here are SIX tips that you can plug into ANY occasion, and using what you have, create an amazing table experience:

1. Always have a light source. You know this started in campfire days.  If the light source is candles, make sure they are lit when the guests arrive, no lighting just before dinner. Graciousness starts at first sight. That said, it doesn’t have to be candles. Your light source it could be a couple of short  lamps, or maybe a string of holiday lights.  Hmmm…

2. Something alive on the table. Think of a bundle of Kale, stack of oranges, asparagus, scattered artichokes, rose petals, or even herbs from your garden. The idea of one centerpiece of flowers, is soooo finito

3. Keep the liquids on the table. WINE, WATER, bottle jug.  Doesn’t matter, but make it easy for a guest to help themselves. If you don’t have a great carafe or jug for water, use an old wine bottle.  I like to keep the table Kinetic; keep it moving and interactive by letting people help themselves, so have liquids within reach of each guest.

4.  Music. Think this through.  If you can’t put together a mix yourself, go to Pandora, or any other carrier, choose an artist, and play their radio!!  Putting the experience to music will define the meal as relaxing.

5. Think of your home as a public space. You want the evening to start at the front door.  Guests walks in and :::POOF:::, they’ve entered your world:  Lighting, fragrance, sound, food, ahh… and other guests!

6.  Be the host or hostess with the mostest. Most importantly, if you want your guest to enjoy themselves, you enjoy yourself first.  If you love what you are putting out, they will.  If you laugh, they will.  If you listen, they will.  If you share, they will.  You have invited someone into your  world (even if it’s made up for one night) … you want to look back and remember how much fun you had … you take the lead!