Six Tips for Storing Wine

Most wines are made to be enjoyed within a few years of bottling. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore proper storage methods. Whether you plan to store wine for three months or three years, here are a few easy guidelines to ensure your red and white wine ages gracefully in bottle.

Store All Bottles On Their Sides

  • Why: the cork can dry out and crack if not in contact with the wine.

Aim For A Steady 55-65°F – 55°F Is “Perfect Cellar Temperature”

  • Why: storing wine at cool temperatures slow the aging process.

Keep Humidity Between 60-80%

  • Why: low humidity can cause evaporation and oxidation; high humidity encourages mold.

Keep Temperature Swings To A Minimum –Ideally Less Than 10°F Throughout The Year

  • Why: temperature fluctuation causes the wine to expand and contract, damaging the cork.

Store Wine In A Dark Place

  • Why: light exposure can cause wine proteins to become hazy and create “off” aromas & flavors.

Find A Place Free Of Odor And Vibration

  • Why: vibration can hinder wine’s development in bottle, and odors can leach in through the cork.