Turn Grocery Store Flowers Into Beautiful Bouquets

Grocery store flowers are under-rated. At first glance they’re not as beautiful as the bouquets you can order from a fancy florist; but with a little bit of love and imagination they can become just as special. To prove this, I bought three grocery store bouquets (I even stayed away from the higher quality specialty markets) and created two arrangements that anyone can create in a snap!

Need even more proof you can save some money on blooms and use it towards a bottle of La Crema instead? I took on the dreaded carnation- a flower that’s usually known as “filler”, but doesn’t deserve the stigma.

These 3 bouquets came in at under $40, and were upgraded with items I had around the house: scissors, twine, a dollar store vase and crate paper. Watch the video below to find out how you can upgrade your bouquet 2 ways.

Bouquet upgrade tips:

Toss the extras! Get rid of extra leaves and filler flowers to create a uniform bouquet.

Wrap it up tight. Whether you use a rubber band, twine, wire or ribbon- get your bouquet nice and tight in the arrangement you create. That way when your sweetie pie drops it in water, it still has that straight-from-the-florist feel.

Stick with similar hues. If you’re going to combine more than one bouquet, buy varying hues of the same color. If you’re thinking pink, this would mean everything from pale blush to bright fuchsia.

Place larger blooms on the outside and center. Use the smaller flowers to fill out the middle.

Buy her favorite color. Is your Valentine’s favorite color yellow? Don’t be intimidated by sunflowers and daisies. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean roses.

Vase it. The dollar store is the perfect place to grab a beautiful vase without breaking the bank. Don’t have time? Grab a mason jar or piece of glassware you can part with, and set your tightly bound bouquet inside.

Pairing is caring. With the money you saved you can pair your beautiful flowers with her favorite La Crema wine.

Happy Valentine’s Day!