5 Tips for The Best Fall Wine and Cheese Picnic

There’s no better way to enjoy the gorgeous fall colors than with a fall wine and cheese picnic!  To create the very best fall picnic there are a few essentials that we recommend.

1. Pick at least three different style cheeses

We suggest selecting a creamy cheese like Camembert or brie, a semi-firm like Manchego, and a firm or strong cheese like a Smoked Cheddar or Goude.

2. Pair cheese with wine

if you really love cheese, like we do, consider also including a goat cheese and a blue cheese.  The brie and goat cheese will pair well with Chardonnay while the Gouda and Manchego will be the perfect pairing with the Pinot Noir.

3. Don’t overlook the accompaniments

We love Marcona almonds or smoked nuts, some of our favorite fall fruit like fresh apples or persimmon, dried pears and cherries, and local honey or jam.

4. Consider charcuterie

We encourage you to also include some charcuterie items like sliced prosciutto and Salami.  Be adventurous and include some pate!  Swipe some on the black pepper cracker with a smear of jam or a dried cherry and try with a sip of Pinot.  We promise your idea of a good picnic will forever be changed!

5. Select your crackers

Obviously, you will need some crackers – we like to have a plainer version and one with some fun flavor like Carr’s black pepper crackers.