DIY Palm Leaf Napkins

One of my favorite things to do during summer is dine outside, and though our home doesn’t have an outdoor space for us to make this a more frequent celebration, I figured I’d bring the outside in with these DIY Palm Leaf Napkins that are so simple to create.

DIY Palm Leaf Napkins

The plus is that you can definitely try this technique with other types of foliage.  Experiment and come up with a unique design for your next party!

Materials to create DIY Palm Leaf Napkins:

  • palm leaf
  • napkins (100% cotton works best)
  • fabric paint (you can also use acrylic paint if you add fabric medium to it)
  • foam brush
  • detail paint brush

Palm leaf for DIY Palm Leaf Napkins

If you can get your hands on a faux palm leaf that would be the most durable option, but snipping a leaf off of a mini palm works just fine!

Press the palm leaf in a book to flatten it to create DIY Palm Leaf Napkins

To flatten the palm leaf, place it inside a folded piece of paper and insert it into a book.  Close the book and place it under something heavy for at least 24 hours.

Flattened palm leaf for DIY Palm Leaf Napkins

The leaf should come out flattened like this.

Paint your palm leaf on foil to create DIY Palm Leaf Napkins

Use a foam brush to apply the paint on one side of the leaf on top of a protected surface (I used aluminum foil).  You want to thoroughly cover every piece of the leaf while working quickly before the paint dries.

Press the painted palm leaf on the napkin to create DIY Palm Leaf Napkins

Press the leaf on to the napkin.

Blot the leaf with a paper towel to create DIY Palm Leaf Napkins

Place a paper towel over the leaf and push down all over to make sure every part of the leaf gets stamped onto the leaf.

DIY Palm Leaf Napkins stamped with an organic look

Repeat this all over the napkin.

Fill in the leaf with black paint to create DIY Palm Leaf Napkins with a graphic look

You might decide that you like the organic texture of the stamping, in which case you can end here, but if you want the leaves to be graphic and opaque then use a small detail brush to paint and fill in the leaves.

DIY Palm Leaf Napkins

Iron the opposite side of the napkin thoroughly to heat set the paint.

DIY Palm Leaf Napkins

Fold up the napkins and they’re ready for your party!

DIY Palm Leaf Napkins

DIY Palm Leaf Napkins

My favorite tip for easy entertaining is definitely to add in flowers.  You don’t need an elaborate table setting or tons of decor to make it feel special.  Just pick up your favorite blooms from the store and arrange them on the table to instantly elevate the scenery!

DIY Palm Leaf Napkins

I also like to keep it simple with the drinks.  I’m a fan of a good cocktail, but a great glass of wine like the La Crema Pinot Gris is hard to beat.  The taste is so fresh and clean, perfect for summer!

Post in the comments what foliage you use to create your own DIY napkins. Cheers!