Party Pretty! DIY Floral Ice Globes

Spring is finally here, y’all! As temperatures warm and the days get longer, outdoor entertaining is on my mind. We just moved to a new home less than a week ago, and we can’t wait to entertain in our new space– especially because it has a nice big porch to gather on. But of course, with the warmer weather come some entertaining obstacles. We talked about those last summer here. I’m back with a brand new idea to beat the heat: floral ice!

Floral Ice

Have you ever had an idea and it turned out way better than you ever imagined? That’s what happened here. The key to this little project is simply getting the right equipment. In this case, that’s a spherical ice mold like the one found here.

Roses for floral ice

Pick up a bunch of roses from the grocery store. Any other flower would work, but regular ole’ grocery store long stems came out so pretty! Trim the stems at the very top, just under where it meets the base of the bloom.

Carefully open up the flower's petals to prep it for it's spherical floral ice globe

If your flowers are tightly closed, carefully open them by gently pulling each petal outward. Honestly, this project is just perfect if you have a bunch of blooms that are on their way out already. If they’re about to wilt and are already open, you have less work to do and you’ve already been able to enjoy their beauty for several days.

Rose in the floral ice spherical mold

Place the bloom in the ice mold, “face” down, and fill to the fill line with water.

Floral ice spherical mold

Replace the top of the ice mold, pressing down and allowing excess water to exit through the hole. Do not tip the mold over at this point, or too much water will escape and you won’t end up with a nice globe of floral ice.

Taking the floral ice out of its mold

Freeze for at least eight hours. When you open the mold you will have a beautiful giant marble with a perfectly preserved bloom encased inside!

Beautiful floral ice globe!

How lovely is that? Just magical. You’re not limited to using flowers for this trick, either! Fruit, glitter, sequins, there are lots of unique possibilities!

One of these floral ice globes is beautiful on its own, but en masse they just make such a striking statement! Fill up a tub with these beauties and nestle a bottle of La Crema Monterey Pinot Gris in there to chill. Then sit back, enjoy a glass with your guests, and prepare to field the questions and compliments!

La Crema Pinot Gris with floral ice

A bucket of floral ice with Monterey Pinot Gris

All photos courtesy of Janet Howard Studio.

Floral ice globe DIY -- create beautiful ice to chill beverages at your next outdoor event! They add a beautiful pop of color and a nice touch to any party, shower, or just because.