Zero Hour Leftover Recipes

We’re nearing a week since Thanksgiving and if you still have leftovers, the clock is ticking until all that goodness regrettably needs to leave your refrigerator. If you’ve grown tired of recreating the Big Feast, or eating yet another turkey sandwich, we found four ways to transform your leftovers into something special… while there’s still time.

Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Thanksgiving Style

The Foodies over at bring up a point seldom considered: The one thing Thanksgiving doesn’t have is piles and piles of bubbly melted cheese.

Behold the Thanksgiving Leftover Macaroni & Cheese.

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If you feel like going out in a comfort food blaze of glory, this recipe is a great way to bid a final farewell to your leftovers.


Refreshing Pho

If, on the other hand, your body and taste buds are screaming lighter fare, this veggie-packed Turkey Pho recipe from is a delicious way to detox. Based on the classic Vietnamese noodle soup, this version leverages leftover turkey and stock to create a light, textured soup.


Cheap, Easy, Yummy

Who doesn’t like pizza? YumSugar’s  Turkey, Cranberry, & Pesto Pizza transforms leftovers into a Trattoria-quality pie.

Turkey, Cranberry, & Pesto Pizza

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This recipe combines store-bough pizza dough, turkey, cranberries, pesto and fresh goat’s cheese.  Better make two, just to be safe.


From the La Crema Culinary Team

And lastly, don’t forget our Chanterelle Soup with Turkey & Cranberry Garnish. The earthiness of mushrooms and comforting Turkey and Cranberry garnish pick up the tasting notes of our Carneros Hills Pinot Noir.

Chanterelle Soup with Turkey & Cranberry Garnish

This elevated way to perk up leftovers is also really easy to make (but don’t tell your guests).


What are you planning for your Last Leftover Hurrah?