The Ultimate Wine and Pizza Pairing Guide

Want to learn how to pair the best wine with pizza?   Then this Ultimate Wine and Pizza Pairing Guide is for you!

Pizza made its way to America from Italy in the late 1800s, and quickly became a staple of many Americans’ diets.  Starting as a simple, nourishing meal, pizza has since re-invented itself many times over.  One of the most gratifying ways to enjoy pizza is with wine; however, the sheer number of pizza styles and wine varieties can make pairing your pizza challenging.  Luckily, we have figured out the best wine with pizza pairings for you!

How to Pair Wine with Pizza Toppings

Select the primary flavors of your toppings, then use this chart to discover your best wine and pizza pairing:

How to Pair Wine with Pizza Crust

The fruit, floral, and rich nuances of chardonnay pair exceptionally well with a variety of flours used.  Using the chart to determine your pizza crust style, you can discover your perfect chardonnay pairing based on the crust:

Best Wine with Pizza


How to Pair Wine with Pizza Sauce

Pinot Noir is another excellent match for pizza.  The red fruit, spice, and woody characteristics of pinot noir align effortlessly with a variety of cheese and sauce choices.  Using this chart, you can proficiency pair your pinot noir with pizza:

Best Wine with Pizza

The Best Wine with Pizza Pairings

Ready to create a delicious pizza in your own kitchen? Try out two of our favorite pizza recipes:

Honeycrisp Apple Pizza with Balsamic Onions 
“The fontina cheese has a rich and creamy texture and the tiniest hint of nuttiness to balance the sweetness of the apples.  The balsamic onions add a tart flavor and the arugula finishes it off with a little bit of a peppery-bite.” – Pair with La Crema Sonoma Coast Chardonnay

Best wine with pizza

Homemade Grilled Pizza
“What better way to celebrate summer than with a pizza party? Our friend Katie Meyers ups the ante with a Homemade Grilled Pizza that turns up the heat on flavor while keeping your kitchen nice and cool.” – Pair with La Crema Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

Best wine with pizza