Aleksandra Zee and Katie Gong

“I make my life a statement by being authentic to who I am.” – Aleksandra Zee

“I always try my best to always be me, and stay positive, and keep on creating.” – Katie Gong

Aleksandra and Katie are inspiring, fun women who love creating works of art from wood. They have a tremendous dedication to art and enthusiasm for the handcrafted goodness in life.

About the series: About the series: La Crema presents three stories of exciting, confident women who are paving their way in intriguing corners of industry. They are business owners, entrepreneurs, artists and unique personalities within their community. Our statement maker series tells the story of women who are taking risks, following their own paths, and making a name for themselves in the world.

Our Statement Makers:

Molly Best

Ashley Hildreth

Aleksandra Zee and Katie Gong