What is the right wine serving temperature?

To best showcase the wines you love, it’s important to serve them at the right temperature. With just a few adjustments, you can bring out the best in your favorite wine’s unique flavor profile, character and bouquet. Note: One that seems to surprise nearly everyone (even in restaurants) is the 55-60°F recommendation for Pinot Noir. Because Pinot is more delicate, acidic and lower-tannin than most other red wines, it is best showcased slightly chilled.

White Wine Serving Temperature

  • Serve between 45 and 50°F
  • If white wine is served too cold, flavors and aromas will be masked. Too warm and they become flat and flabby.

Red Wine Serving Temperature

  • Serve between 55 and 65°F
  • Red wine will seem excessively tannic and acidic if served too cold. Too warm, they will become overly alcoholic and lifeless.

Cellar Temperature

  • For extended storage, keep both red and white wines at 55°F.

Optimal Wine Serving Temperature for La Crema Varietals

Pinot Gris

Suggested serving temperature: 45°F

Chill in refrigerator: 40 min


Suggested serving temperature: 50°F

Chill in refrigerator: 30 min


Suggested serving temperature: 50°F

Chill in refrigerator: 30 min

Pinot Noir

Suggested serving temperature: 55-60°F

Chill in refrigerator: 15-20 min


Suggested serving temperature: 60-65°F

Chill in refrigerator: 10-15 min