Halloween Pumpkin Carving Templates

Halloween is a little over a week away and we have created some carving stencils to dress up your pumpkins.

Click on the below images to download each template:




Need tips for carving the perfect pumpkin? Here’s step-by-step instructions.

You’ll need:

  • Printed pumpkin stencils.
  • Masking tape (or any tape that doesn’t have an adhesive that will damage the pumpkin).
  • Carving tools. Though ordinary household tools will work in a pinch. We highly recommend using specialized pumpkin carving tools. They are available everywhere this time of year and usually cost less than $10. Look for one that has two sizes of saws, a scraper, and a poking tool.


  1. Cut a small opening at the top or bottom of the pumpkin and remove the pumpkin seeds and “guts.”
  2. Print the stencil and cut around the stencil (this makes it easier to apply).
  3. Tape the stencil to the pumpkin as flush as possible. Use tape to secure any flaps and folds that appear from making the paper stencil flat against the round pumpkin.
  4. Once the stencil is securely fastened on the pumpkin, begin to trace the outline of the pattern (the black part of the stencil) with the poking tool, making a series of holes to mark out the carving area.
  5. Once you’ve outlined the entire area, remove the paper stencil and tape.
  6. TIP: Before carving the pumpkin, rub the outside of the pumpkin with flour or cornstarch to make the outline more visible.
  7. With the small or large carving saw, begin carving out areas of the pumpkin, being careful to keep the sections of the pumpkin which will support the finished pattern, intact.
  8. Once you’ve finished the main carving, carefully clean up any rough edges.
  9. Place a battery-operated light (or strobe light) inside the pumpkin.
  10. Boo!
  11. How did yours turn out? Share your photos here and we’ll post them on our Facebook Page.

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