Holiday entertaining playbook

Tis the season for entertaining and making long-lasting memories. Our friends at Bungalow 56 have created a great DIY cork garland and delicious four-course menu to help you prepare for the holidays.

Being in the event planning and design industry we take great pride in creating beautiful spaces and parties for our clients. Christmas is our favorite time of year and even though we are busy, we always take time to relish in our own traditions.

I am particularly OCD when it comes to decorating and entertaining for the holidays (even the wrapping on the presents must be color coordinated) and Jessica is amazing at all the little details. So this year, when La Crema asked us to submit something for Holidays we thought we would invite you to join us for Christmas, Bungalow 56 style.

Decking the halls and fireplace

We always love to incorporate a few rustic elements into our décor, we thought these vintage sleds and ice skates were the perfect touch. The driftwood wreath and cork garland complete the look.

DIY cork garlands

DIY cork garlands

Learn how to make this cork garland.

Season’s Eating

One of the challenges during the holidays is balancing making a show-stopper meal with spending time with friends and family. This holiday menu addresses both needs: An epic, elegant Christmas supper that doesn’t take all afternoon to create.

© Kristen Vincent Photography

Four-course holiday menu

The Menu


Photography: Kristin Vincent Photography



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