Entertaining tips for The Big Game

Are you are a fan of the habitual bucking horses from Denver? Or do you root for the fish-eating birds of prey from Seattle? In either case. there’s few things more fun that a party to watch the Super Football Game that will be played in a Concave Stadium.

(Note: Like other companies who have not paid for the rights to use the name of the Big Game, we can’t mention it by name. We’ll have to assume you know what game we’re referencing.)

With the preceding in mind, here’s some ideas we found to help make your Enormous Gridiron Battle Party even more fun.

Superb Bowls

When entertaining a group of hungry fans, don’t fumble on the presentation. These stoneware bowls from RedEnvelope.com are ideal for filling with all manners of Game Day snackage:

Stoneware Bowls

Stoneware Bowls by Red Envelope


Take a Dip

At a football-themed gathering, we think of chips as Dip Delivery Systems. Here are some terrific payloads of creamy, savory goodness:

Pan Fried Onion Dip

A homemade (and tastier) spin on the canned onion dip, from our friend Julie Blanner at Coordinately Yours. This one comes with a kick of cayenne:

Pan Fried Onion Dip

Pan Fried Onion Dip. Photo and Recipe © Coordinately Yours

Pair with La Crema Sonoma Coast Chardonnay.

Bacon Chicken Jalepeno Dip:

You had us at bacon and chicken, but this dip also invites white cheddar cheese to create a bubbly pool of yum.

Bacon Chicken Jalapeno Dip

Bacon Chicken Jalapeno Dip. Photo and Recipe © Call Me PMC

Pair with La Crema Bennett Valley Voignier.

Fumble Protection

A fourth quarter drive or Pick Six can cause raucous celebrations that doom your stemware to a horrible demise. Consider going stemless with these monogramed wine glasses from Schott Zwiesel.

monogramed wine glasses from Schott Zwiesel.

Monogramed wine glasses from Schott Zwiesel.

All-Pro App Alternatives

No one scores points at a football party with salad. But these two recipes are delicious alternatives to their deep fried cousins and they taste so good, you won’t miss the extra calories.

Baked Asian Chicken Wings

A sweeter alternative to spicy, vinegar-laden wings, from Joyful Healthy Eats. Plus the are a perfect pairing with our Monterey Pinot Noir.

Baked Asian Chicken Wings with Raspberry Hoisin Glaze

Baked Asian Chicken Wings with Raspberry Hoisin Glaze. Photo and Recipe © Joyful Healthy Eats

 Stuffed Jalapenos on the Grill

Ok, these firey, bacon-wrapped morsels aren’t exactly spa cuisine, but Jalapenos are a vegetable, right? Pair these with our crisp, refreshing Monterey Pinot Gris.

Stuffed Jalapeños on the Grill

Stuffed Jalapeños on the Grill. Photo and Recipe © Joyful Healthy Eats

Do you have any tips to share when watching the Extremely Large Football Contest to Determine Who the Best Team is for the Year?