How about sparing a (Pinot Gris) pairing?

Looking for the perfect cheese to pair with our Monterey Pinot Gris? We asked La Crema Chef, Tracey Shepos to give us some tasty tips.

First you need to find a cheese that can trade body blows with the Pinot Gris’ bright acidity. Shepos recommends cheeses that exhibit tangy flavors and some saltiness.

A good place to start is with fresh goat’s milk cheeses like Cowgirl Creamery’s Humboldt Fog, or Laura Chenel Chevre.

“Both are a great choice since the flavor profiles of both are so similar and the creaminess of the cheese is a terrific counterbalance to the minerality and crispness of the wine,” notes Shepos.

A selection of Laura Chenel Goat Cheese

Laura Chenel Goat Cheese

Other options

One of Shepos’ favorite cheeses is Fiscalini Cheddar made in Modesto, CA. “It’s an across the board, wine friendly cheese. The sharpness of the cheddar brings out the wine’s brightness. But the cheese also knows when to disappear and let the wine be the star.”

A cut wheel of Fiscalini Cheddar

Fiscalini Cheddar

Hard to find, but worth the effort:

Delice De La Valle, a blend of fresh triple cream cow and fresh goat milk.

Weirauch Tomme Fraiche a rich semisoft cow’s milk cheese with a tangy finsh

Supporting cast:

If you are looking to enhance the wine and cheese experience, Shepos suggests some thinly sliced prosciutto, or a tangy and sweet marmalade.

Give these tips a try and share your tasting notes with us below!