2012 Sonoma County

2012 Sonoma County Syrah

Rich. Layered. Alluring.
A velvety Syrah from Sonoma County that is sure to delight.

DAFF2FBF-526A-4B1F-B66C-A4B28B370AB1 DAFF2FBF-526A-4B1F-B66C-A4B28B370AB1

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2014 Arroyo Seco

2014 Arroyo Seco Chardonnay

Bright. Crisp. Exotic.
A triad of citrus, toasty warmth, and balanced minerality, classic to Monterey.

49401BB4-C088-4219-9E6C-AA44CCEA89DE 49401BB4-C088-4219-9E6C-AA44CCEA89DE

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2015 Russian River Valley

2015 Russian River Valley Chardonnay

Rich. Textured. Refined.
Textured, well-balanced and rich with Russian River character.

F0DD86C8-86F3-4E08-8787-A26CE35AD7C0 F0DD86C8-86F3-4E08-8787-A26CE35AD7C0

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Pinot Noir

2013 Anderson Valley

2013 Anderson Valley Pinot Noir

Classic. Elegant. Vibrant.
An authentic definition of a cool climate Pinot Noir.

C0DEF18A-14F6-4AE2-A2E7-0962FFF13C47 C0DEF18A-14F6-4AE2-A2E7-0962FFF13C47

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2014 Anderson Valley

2014 Anderson Valley Chardonnay

Fruity. Bright. Elegant.
The honest definition of a cool climate Chardonnay.

65484802-FB21-4824-A3A5-A78D543EFD86 65484802-FB21-4824-A3A5-A78D543EFD86

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Pinot Noir

2013 Santa Lucia Highlands

2013 Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir

Meditative. Seductive. Earthy.
Extended time on the vine creates a generous flavor profile of earthy rich flavors.

40E4FB3C-943E-4860-B872-D3303BC0A361 40E4FB3C-943E-4860-B872-D3303BC0A361

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Pinot Noir

2013 Los Carneros

2013 Los Carneros Pinot Noir

Lingering. Exotic. Supple.
Relentless winds produce flavors of high concentration and a plush velvety texture.

4EBB7026-D8D3-4A0E-BAC7-7428DE323357 4EBB7026-D8D3-4A0E-BAC7-7428DE323357

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2015 Los Carneros

2015 Los Carneros Chardonnay

Juicy. Opulent. Expressive.
A blend of Clones 15, 48, 124, 131 and Calera, all unique and all with their own story to tell.

6D4A4376-E779-4309-9590-CB8C85D38E0C 6D4A4376-E779-4309-9590-CB8C85D38E0C

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Pinot Noir

2013 Bennett Valley

2013 Bennett Valley Pinot Noir

Balanced. Lush. Concentrated.
Vibrancy expressed through flavors of dark plum and coffee bean, with a sweet molasses finish.

08CE13BD-945A-4299-82C3-EBB7BFDCC9E1 08CE13BD-945A-4299-82C3-EBB7BFDCC9E1

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Pinot Noir

2013 Arroyo Seco

2013 Arroyo Seco Pinot Noir

Meditative. Philosophic. Earthy.
A triad of earth, toasty warmth, and approachable spice, classic to Monterey.

BDE485BE-3AA2-402E-97CE-2EE5234F7D7A BDE485BE-3AA2-402E-97CE-2EE5234F7D7A

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Pinot Noir

2012 Russian River Valley

2012 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

Refined. Rich. Elegant.
Made of fruit from our own backyard, a regional blend of complex flavor profiles that highlight the best of Russian River Valley.

38CE84F4-E1B9-5286-8830-9A5BE963A221 38CE84F4-E1B9-5286-8830-9A5BE963A221

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